Robert had always been anxious, especially about getting things right in both home and work. He would spend hours checking and correcting his written work and if he found even minor mistakes would tell himself off and worry that others would also criticise him. Things came to a head when he missed an important deadline due to his taking too long to finish a piece of work. His manager told him he needed to do something to sort his problem out. 

Robert heard about mindfulness to help with stress and came to the course. He found the breathing meditations valuable in helping to moderate his anxiety. He practised these daily, but still found it hard not to respond with self-criticism; over time he discovered that he could use the three minute breathing space to stand back from his over critical thinking and then use more positive self-talk, such as 'Everyone makes mistakes', 'The world is not going to end if I miss out a punctuation mark'. 

By the end of the course he had developed a personal coping strategy that helped a lot - he saw his anxiety as a 'worry ball' and could imagine kicking this high into the sky to get it out of his mind.